Limos are the epitome of elegance and class. Having chauffeurs driving one around the city and to special occasions is the dream of just about everyone.

Such cars are costly to acquire, and therefore it’s rare to see them on the street. Besides, only a few people actually own them, apart from car rental companies.

But what makes the traditional limo so special? This article details the features that make limousines such classy vehicles.

Separate Driver’s Compartments

The Sedan has its passenger cabins separate from its driver’s compartment.

To attain this division within the same car, traditional limousines have had very long wheelbases. This extra length also makes these posh automobiles stand out among their peers.

Meanwhile, chauffeurs and passengers can communicate through a well-positioned window.

Video Systems

Inside most standard vehicles you rarely find big televisions. However, limos have large screens on which passengers can watch their favourite shows while travelling.

With a high-quality video system, even long trips won’t be boring. Moreover, if you like to stay updated on current events, you can watch all available stations from the comfort of your car.

Traditional limos also have great stereo systems. These sound systems fit the vehicles due to their relative spaciousness, the acoustics of which are much better than in smaller cars.

Comfy Seating

You will always be comfortable in a limousine. These cars have plush leather seating that provides maximum comfort.

Cleaning the leather seats is easy: simply wipe them down with wet linings. What’s more, the long and wide seats provide ample space in which one can comfortably sit down or even stretch out.

Catering Services

These long, luxurious vehicles can even hold refrigeration units and spaces for food preparation.

Imagine enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee, or a cold drink from the fridge, without even having to leave your car!